Already more than 30 reported cases of life-threatening diseases caused by mushrooms consumption among refugees German doctors warn against picking mushrooms for consumption. Recently, more than 30 refugees
have been admitted with life-threatening fungal poisoning alone in Hanover. The reason for this is that although the mushroom species in Germany might be similar to the edible mushrooms from other parts of the world, they are extremely toxic and poisonous. As a result of ignorance, some refugees are collecting and consuming mushrooms around especially the highly poisonous amanita mushroom.
Since this fungus has no repellent taste and the first symptoms occur only after several hours, the risk of getting sick form its consumption is extremely high.

Do not collect mushrooms, if you are unfamiliar with edible growing mushrooms here.
A mushroom you regard from your homeland as a delicious edible mushroom could be deadly here although they look similar.
In case of suspected mushroom poisoning, please report immediately to the nearest hospital. Do not forget to bring along remnants of consumed mushrooms or vomit. This facilitates the determination of the cause of poisoning.
Please do inform others in and around your accommodation. In this way you save lives!

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